Values driving our Solutions
Committed to results and value through effective partnerships and teamwork with our clients
Achieving results for our clients is a core belief for Allen Management Solutions and delivering solutions is what we have done consistently for over sixteen years.

When we approach an assignment we do so mindful of five key principles:

1. Client ownership of results is paramount

As much as possible we try to adopt a facilitative or coaching approach to client assignments.  On occasions we will write reports for clients, however this is often done reluctantly.  No consultant report ever achieved an implementation.  People need to embrace conclusions and recommendations, and it is far better that these come from their issues, their questions and their answers.

2. Each assignment is a partnership

While we can work for a client we achieve far more when we work with them.  Often the client has a lot of the answers in front of them.  Perhaps we add a way forward, a forum for debate, some urgency, an insight or some experience, technique or special skill.  It may even be that we have to play a role.   Early in an assignment we try very hard to find the area where we are most needed and can add most value and then work with the client at a personal and corporate level to get the best out of all parties.

3. We embrace and support teamwork

No one person ever has all of the solution.  Everyone has something different to contribute, although some will contribute more at different times.  Respecting each others’ abilities is something we hold dear and we find team approaches are usually key to achieving good and lasting results.

4. We will never compromise our integrity or independence

We are sometimes confronted with very difficult situations. Many of the assignments we have taken on involve facilitation or even mediation.  One of our strengths has been and is our ability to be open, to help people see different perspectives, options and possibilities and find a way forward.  We also have a reputation for maintaining a strong ethical position which respects the situation and the people involved.  On occasions this has put us between two factions but we have found that our ability to maintain an independent and facilitating role is often critical to achieving solutions.

5. We need to create value

We are very happy to do as little as possible for a client providing what we can do with them is of high value.  How we help the client get to their objectives and create value as we do, is something on which we absolutely focus.
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