Approaches to Solutions
Approaches that produce outcomes and help you resolve issues, realise opportunities and maintain the pace of change
We often take on assignments where clients need a way forward.

This typically starts with a thorough understanding of:
  • where the client wants to get to and an assessment of the feasibility of achieving the desired outcome, and
  • the current situation including the issues and political or organisational environment
  • We then usually work with the client to develop approaches to work through the issues and to build the ownership to the eventual solution.
  • We will employ many different approaches depending on the situation, including team building, workshops, interviews, surveys, analysis and modelling. 

Our workshops employ a variety of techniques including brainstorming, prioritisation, role plays and sub-group work. Our experience guides us to design workshops which balance involving everyone at key times and having sub-groups develop details. Workshop participants and clients are often delighted with just how much we can help people achieve in a very short time.

These approaches have been applied across a wide variety of assignments including benchmarking, development of community strategic plans, supply chain and business reviews and many change management projects.
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