TennisMaximiser® - a new concept in preparing draws for tennis competitions. Maximise player participation, court utilisation and your tennis club’s profit opportunities.
At Hills District Tennis Association we are always looking for ways to improve our tennis competitions, increase our member base and player participation and deliver a service and product to our players which social yet offers good quality competition to test their skills.
We are also very aware that busier lifestyles mean limited time for recreation and exercise. Our  MyChoiceTennis™ Singles competition launched in September 2010 delivers a totally new and exciting concept in club organised tennis competition and would not have been possible without TennisMaximiser®.
TennisMaximiser® has allowed us to offer choice & flexibility to our players as  they can now choose when they wish to play. This new software has allowed us to design a tennis competition around player availability!  TennisMaximiser® has also maximised our court usage by utilising spare court time at our tennis centres .
We have been very fortunate to have worked alongside the creator of TennisMaximiser®, John Allen. John is dedicated to finding solutions and is always ready to help in making small improvements along the way.  His attention to detail has certainly helped us deliver a quality product which our players now enjoy. We  have also gained competition software which can  integrate with our Court Booking system and  John has provided us with our first online scoring system.
With TennisMaximiser® our club looks forward to a future of new tennis playing  opportunities, increased player participation and player satisfaction.

Linda Bestford
Business Development HDTA
So you want to schedule a tennis comp do you. Well you’ll need to nominate the night when the comp will be run, find enough courts for the possible entries, get an even number of entries to avoid byes ... right?

Wrong! TennisMaximiser® rewrites the rules of how you can schedule comps. Now you can maximise the opportunities for people to play, maximise your court utilisation and maximise your revenue and profitability across your tennis centre(s).

TennisMaximiser® helps you:
  • put together singles and doubles comps over multiple centres, courts, days and nights.
  • enable entrants to specify their preferences for their playing time, court location, when they are unavailable due to holidays, and even their price limits.
  • choose how to best schedule a comp so as to achieve the best gradings, meet player preferences, avoid lost revenue opportunities and / or maximise your profit.
  • schedule comps with different numbers of rounds and groups of odd or even numbers of players, without being forced to insert byes.  Even allow players to enter the same comp multiple times.  Yes you can even do that so players are happier and you further increase revenue. This gives you maximum flexibility in how you put the draw together.
  • implement variable pricing with discounts for juniors and seniors, and variable prices across different time slots. Just like airlines who vary their pricing to maximise the yield from the plane fleet, you can adjust the pricing to gain maximum benefit from high demand slots and offer discounts to fill up low usage times.
  • integrate with your court booking system by importing current bookings and establishing the times that are still available for the scheduling of matches.
  • when you have calculated the draw, by exporting used time slots back to your booking system. 
  • specify different cost levels for courts on centres you own versus the costs for ‘outside’ courts, so you can fill up your courts first, while choosing the most cost effective solution if you have to use overflow options.
  • prioritise court allocations so you can cluster matches to create atmosphere, reduce your lighting bill, and even reduce your environmental footprint 
  • easily export draws to update your web site and email entrants with their own personalised draws, their playing times and assigned courts, and what they owe after their deposit has been deducted. And the web site updates and emails can be customised with your own information and even sponsorship messages.
  • communicate with your player database and members via SMS messages and emails leading up to and during competitions.
  • keep player information in TennisMaximiser® in synch with your membership database by easily importing updates and additions, using the flexible import facilities.
  • accept scores from online score entry system (also developed by Allen Management Solutions) and easily post updates. 
  • improve your productivity, by making the complex and tedious, easy, and making what many thought of as impossible, not only possible but profitable too.
The Hills District Tennis Association is now using TennisMaximiser® to implement these new approaches to putting together comps with its MyChoiceTennis™ Singles comp, filling up its courts, growing player participation and maximising its profitability.

TennisMaximiser® is also accompanied by a set of web site management capabilities which can help you publish the generated draws, enable players to enter their scores online, and help you maintain and publish comp scores.

TennisMaximiser® has been developed and is supported by Allen Management Solutions. Want to find out more. Email
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