BIG (Issue) Solutions
Getting 80-100 stakeholders together to address BIG issues takes some effort and some preparation, however we have regularly risen to the challenge of taking on such BIG issues.
The River Summit was a very challenging meeting which brought together a wide variety of stakeholders to develop the way forward for the Hawkesbury, a river system of great importance to Sydney. John’s facilitation, project management and drive and his open and balanced approach was critical to the River Summit’s success.

Peter Jackson,
General Manager,
Hawkesbury City Council
In August 2008, we facilitated the very successful River Summit for Hawkesbury City Council. It involved some eighty participants from local, state and federal government, people from primary industry, environmental groups, tourism and other business operators and academics and researchers. The workshop was also attended by the then Water minister.

The workshop had to tackle the BIG issues and had to do so in just on six hours. The approach we helped devised included a special computer application which was used at each of the eight tables, guidelines and training for table facilitators and coaching of one of the key speakers. Over eighty pages of documentation were made available to Hawkesbury City Council just a couple of days after the workshop.

The workshop built on much prior work however it built momentum for the announcement shortly after the workshop for the establishment of a new body to help address the issues for the Hawkesbury Nepean river system.

In 2009, the Office of Hawkesbury Nepean was formed and we ran an even bigger workshop. This involved extensive planning, preparation, rehearsals and training, which again led to another great set of results...

John was engaged by the Office of the Hawkesbury-Nepean to facilitate a two day workshop on the management of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River. His high level facilitation skills were invaluable in helping the Office to guide its initial priority work focus and to build strong partnerships with stakeholder groups. Maree Abood, Director OHN

Other big issues in which we have played key roles as a facilitator and project team coach include water management in a peri-urban environment and regional economic development.  We relish the challenges of these very important assignments, and the opportunity to work with large numbers of people who want to make a difference.
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