Innovative Solutions
Helping clients look at issues and opportunities in new ways.
We have a happy knack of helping clients find simple and often innovative new approaches: 

  • Solutions do not have to be high tech to be innovative. One of the simplest solutions we were involved in ended up needing three tables and some organisational and process changes. Low tech but very effective as it reduced cycle time by 90% and delivered major benefits in terms of supplier relationships, staff morale and regulatory compliance for an insurance company.
  • On another occasion just ten minutes of questions in a workshop helped a telecommunications client avoid a one million dollar cost, by totally avoiding the need to perform an expensive consultation process.
  • You might think that working through constitutional issues for a local council is very boring. However we facilitated a process of surveys and community workshops to communicate the options for change and properly inform community representatives. In the end the community reps even endorsed a strategy for more Councillors, which surprised all concerned, particularly given the normal cynicism surrounding political processes. The consultation was so well done, it resulted in an amendment to an act of parliament, thereby enabling the council to avoid an expensive referendum.
  • And those of you who play tennis may know that tennis comps are typically organised around one night of the week, with even numbers of teams in each division, with byes and often under-utilised courts because of the constraints in the traditional approaches. TennisMaximiser® breaks all these rules.
We have a track record of helping people get down to the fundamentals and then construct totally new approaches.
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